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The Fort St. John Seed Cleaning Co-op is now a bin dealer for Foremost Agriculture, providing grain and fertilizer bins for sale or lease.

The FORCE 360 LINE of smooth wall hopper bottom bins are mounted on a broader, one-piece skid. The fan draws air into the skid and pushes it up the legs and into the bin through a series of outlets strategically placed along the inside of the cone. The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute report on the Force 360 Air system shows an efficient uniform flow of air through the entire bin. By incorporating existing infrastructure of the smooth wall bins into the aeration system, we have been able to eliminate some of the costs and inconveniences associated with more traditional aeration systems. This wider skid is an excellent plenum for the aeration system and has the added benefit of providing a more stable foundation than a traditional base bin.

You can buy or lease grain and fertilizer bins from us!

For more information on the Foremost Agriculture product line, visit the Foremost Agriculture website.

Foremost FORCE 360 Bin Models & Specifications

ModelBushelsCubic ft.Min. AugerPeak HeightImp. TonsMetric Tonnes
16153270384750′29′ 3″119108
16204116484360′34′ 3″150136
16254962583870′39′ 3″164149
16305808683380′44′ 3″164149
18154180491850′30′ 8″152138
18205235615960′35′ 8″191173
18256290740070′40′ 8″208189

Foremost FORCE 360 Fan Specifications

Static Pressure (inches)Airflow (CFM) @ 3,450 RPM, 7.5 HP